Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Third Annual New Year's Eve Party

Ted & Sherilyn were brave enough to continue with their annual New Year's Eve weekend. I say brave, because they have added two children to their own household & still they invited three other couples over for the weekend. We had a grand total of 12 children aged 8 & under!!

Ayla & Sydney wearing their corduroy skirts from Children's Place.

Micah & Elijah playing air hockey at the Hopkins firehouse where we were able to celebrate the new year with lots of room for lots of people.

Sherilyn in her fire hat.

We were missing one child in this photo. 20 month old Owen must have been running around somewhere. Thanks Ted & Sherilyn, we all had lots of fun!


Sherilyn said...

MINDY!!!!!!!!!! You are supposed to ask permission before you post pictures of people on your website!! I don't even remember you taking a picture of me like that!! Very cute!

Mindy said...

Hey, at least I finally got you out of lurking to post a comment!! Do you want me to take it off?