Tuesday, September 22, 2009

One More

I have tons of photos from the past few weeks. But, lucky you the computer was really slow yesterday & so I didn't post everything I wanted to. However, I just had to post this one today, because I really love it. Auntie Jenny & the kids picked apples & then they made a crisp. As you can see, even Kaia helped!

Monday, September 21, 2009

The Past Couple Of Weeks

Been picking lots of produce.

Been losing teeth.

Out for breakfast with Michelle & Don. This is becoming an annual tradition for us!

The pink ladies. When you are 5 it's really easy to make friends. All it took for these four was to realize they were all dressed in pink. They ran around all morning holding hands and making sure everyone noticed they were wearing pink.

Our lovely AND delicious tomatoes. Fresh sliced tomatoes sprinkled with sea salt is a staple this time of year.

On her birthday she enjoyed supper & cupcakes with Auntie Julie & Auntie Jenny.

This is not a very clear photo of Auntie Jenny, but it's all I got. How lame am I? We only see her about once a year! Anyway, she was instrumental in helping to get everything together for Kaia's birthday party. The day ended up crazy with a few unforeseen complications. One was the fact that Craig's truck broke down on Friday night. Another was that for the first time this season Micah had a soccer game that ended at 1pm, which also happened to be the start time of the party. A third (good) complication is that we finally sold our gas fireplace that very morning. Just in time to pay for the truck repair bill. How come we're always left treading water & not moving ahead? I guess it's better than drowning.

A beautiful day for the party. Aren't the colors so pretty? Melanie & Traleigh even happened to match the decor!

Getting cranky. Quick, lets open presents.

Our new one year old!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Tired, So Very Tired

I think the above title applies to everyone in my little family right now. Life has been busy these past few weeks. Good, but busy. We had Micah's first days of school. Followed by a short visit from my high school buddy Michelle and her dear little family. After that Ayla's first day of school. Then we had labor day weekend with no plans. I was so looking forward to some down time at home. Time to relax a bit & get to the chores that I felt had to get done before Kaia's upcoming birthday party. It started off great (according to my plans I mean). Then my husband decided he needed fall off of a shed roof. By some amazing miracle he landed just right and has no broken bones. We thought maybe he could heal quickly and go right back to work, but then decided he better not rush it. So, we very suddenly decided he should use his last week of vacation. If he was using his last week of vacation we should go to one of our church conventions. We packed up in record time & headed off to 4 days of spiritual relaxation and restoration. Notice I said spiritual and not natural. It is so hard to make a one year old sleep away from home. Especially when the lights in the sleeping quarters don't go off until 10pm! We got home yesterday afternoon & my mom arrived shortly afterwards. Somehow we all managed to get up and see the kids off on their bus this morning.

Ayla left quite a bit more subdued than she did the first few mornings of school. I think it had something to do with the fact that she got on the wrong bus on Wednesday afternoon. Somehow no one noticed this. Not any of the bus drivers or teachers or people that are supposed to be making sure the Kindergartners get where they are supposed to go. Not even her brother who rides her bus noticed she wasn't there. But Ayla being Ayla made it quite loud & clear when she realized what happened. The bus was able to turn around & take her home. She arrived here right on time, but was a tad (understatement of the year) upset that it wasn't on the right bus. The waterworks didn't stop for quite some time.

Anyway, she survived & slowly got on her bus this morning. The baby survived her days of very little sleep. She has been sleeping like mad since we got home. My husband survived his fall which is something that I can't be thankful enough for. He goes back to work tomorrow. Now I just have to unpack and clean and prepare for my baby's first birthday party. I'm not sure if I can survive the fact that her first year is almost gone. Snap. Just like that.

Friday, September 4, 2009

A Week Of Firsts

First morning to see Micah off.

First time we met Michelle's baby Myah.

The first time I've ever seen a green apple latte. This was Michelle's daughter Sonia's creation. And no, we didn't try it!

The first time to pack 2 lunches.

Ayla's first day of Kindergarten.

Not really a first that I can think of, but just had to post this anyway. Isn't she cute?!

First glimpse of the bus!!

Here it comes.

Ayla's first bus ride.