Thursday, October 21, 2010


Thursday has become my favorite day of the week. Why? No extra kids. No vision therapy. No errands to run. No workout class that I enjoy (and therefore feel I can't miss). No story time. No kids yoga. No classroom to be in. Nowhere I have to be but right here. In front of my computer awaiting my virtual tea time chat with a bunch of lovely ladies! (We do have swimming lessons tonight, but that is ages away & therefore seems irrelevant at the moment). I can't imagine being busier than I am right now. I'm glad I can see when I'm at my limit! I'll maybe post some photos later today. If I feel like it.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Parent-Teacher Conferences, 2010

Photo courtesy of Jennifer Gail Photography.

We had our first conferences last night. They went as expected. But still.......I just can't shake this feeling I have. A feeling I can't even really name. Disappointment, maybe? I'm not really worried about Ayla and her struggles. When I work with her she can do everything she needs to do. It just takes a bit more time and some extra patience on my part. Her teacher doesn't have the extra time. Her teacher last year didn't have the extra time either. At least I don't think she did. She never noticed Ayla's struggles until I pointed them out to her. Why? Because Ayla knows how to behave herself. She is quiet, obedient & she works hard. Therefore she falls through the cracks. Even now that we know she has problems with vision she falls through the cracks. After all there are several overly energetic kids in her class this year. It's true. I went on a field trip with her class. Mrs. H must be exhausted at the end of every day. She came right out & told us that she doesn't have the extra time that Ayla needs. Could we work with Ayla every night? Can we explain the worksheets she doesn't understand and correct them with her? Yes, of course we can, but.........

I'm glad I have time to focus on my daughter. But I still feel like there is something wrong with this picture. Ayla spends 45 minutes with the reading teacher every single day. Along with 7 other kids from her class. So that teacher has 45 minutes a day with 8 struggling children. Does Ayla fall through the cracks there too. You bet she does. Mrs. S admitted as much to me.

So now what? Ayla loves school. She doesn't share any of the reservations that I have about her teachers. Of course I don't share them with her. Do I just accept things for the way they are? Keep helping her as much as I can here at home? Start helping her teachers by volunteering every week? Like I said I don't mind doing any of this. In fact I am so thankful that I can. That we've decided it's important for me to stay home. That we've chosen to do without some things so that I can. On the other hand I do feel like there is something that is just off when it comes to our school systems & society in general. There isn't an easy solution. So, I will continue to focus on my home and my family. I think it all starts there.