Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Special Visitors

Your visitors are indeed special when you are sad to see them leave after a week and a half in your home!

Pat, pat, pat. Don't ya love the bump?

Todd's new ride.

Our Baby Is Three!

Snapshots of her day of all days. It's so fun the first time a child is aware of and excited about their birthday.

Trying to hold up 3 fingers.

Auntie Julie said she couldn't come & then showed up to all the kids' delight.

Holding "her" baby, with Mama Mel keeping close watch.

Getting help blowing out the candles.

Present time was very exciting for all the girls.

She loved the clothes as much as the toys. Yep, she's a girl all right!

A Fourth Grader, Second Grader And The One Stuck At Home

Micah: 9 1/2, starting 4th grade

Ayla: 7 1/2, starting 2nd grade

A new year begins.

Kaia: almost 3 and not thrilled to be left behind

The Kitty Who Was Loved Too Much

You are looking at a match made in heaven.

This kitty is quite needy. Kaia is quite fierce in her need to show love. The other kitty? Not quite so needy. If ever Kaia confuses the two (they are both gray) she soon has scratches to show for her mistake.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Final Sumer Post

We made it to the zoo!

Micah started reading cookbooks to pass the time. Now I rarely need to make dessert or pancakes. Here he is before his Saturday morning soccer game preparing breakfast for the whole family!

Next up on this blog;
Some photos and posts from my new camera and new photo program posted on my new computer!! It's a gorgeous day, but I am sitting inside determined to make some progress on learning how to use my new stuff. I just might be able to make this blog interesting again.