Thursday, June 21, 2007

What's in a name?

Perhaps you're wondering about the name of our blog. Let me explain. Micah was 3 years old, it was nap time & I was reading to him. Here's an excerpt from our conversation.

Micah: ow, Ow, OWWWW!!!
Me: What, what is it, are you OK?
Micah: My butt hurts.
Me: Maybe you need to go potty.
Micah: I already did.
Me: Maybe you didn't wipe good enough.
Micah: Wipe what?
Me: Your butt.
Micah: Which butt?

Conversations with little people. This is a blog primarily about conversations with the little people in our lives.


Ina said...

You know I love this story! :) It was so fun to see you guys. I wish we could come more often. Hug the kids for me!

Mindy, Craig, Micah & Ayla said...

After nap Ayla came down with her new swimsuit & dress on. (The first dress she wore.) Apparently she dug through her dirty clothes basket. Thanks for visiting us, wish you could have stayed longer!

Todd said...

The classic Micah-ism among many classic Micah-isms. Too bad he didn't say anything profound after he & I fell out of the tree (when the hammock swing came untied, for anyone not present). I would have had the perfect photo to go along with it!

Shannon, Evan, Nolan & Avrie said...


Jenny said...

I look forward to checking your blog on a regular basis!!

Justin and Sara said...

HI-LAR-IOUS!!! It'll be so fun to keep updated. The buzz cut looks good. Love, us said...

hey, mindy! your blogging is awesome and this is such a classic exerpt of what our kids can come up with..wish i could remember more of their valuable insights!!valuable? did i just say that? precious anyway because they are. Happy 2008!

mom 2 4J's said...

Hey Mindy, my J's enjoyed Micah's conversation with you. You know kids...anything with any "potty" talk in it is always good for a laugh!