Tuesday, December 29, 2009

All About The Baby

Who happens to be 15 1/2 months old already! Miss Kaia Rose has been walking for a few weeks now, but I find I can hardly remember her before she was walking. That made me incredibly sad. They change so fast & unless it's documented all the cuteness becomes a distant memory (if I'm lucky.)

So I'm going to make you suffer through a post where I document some things. Like the smoochy smoochy milestone. She makes this incredibly cute smooching noise & then juts her chin out towards the person she wants to kiss. However if you try to instigate the kiss you will more than likely be pushed away & then laughed at. An example follows. This video cracks me up for some reason.

What else? Although I'd rather only nurse her once or twice a day when she walks up to me signing milk with this huge, adorable smile I usually give in. I'm kind of a pushover that way.

Oh, and she can find me anywhere I might happen to be in the house. Even if I'm in the bathroom with the door closed it's not long before she's pounding on the door. Even if she didn't see me go in there. Speaking of pounding on the door, her baby talk & door pounding was my alarm clock today. It was the sweetest thing. What's that Kaia? You want some milk? Sure come on in, your wish is my command.

We haven't had many fits of naughtiness yet. I kinda hope that starts soon or I fear she may end up a bit spoiled!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Busy Winter Days

As my post title indicates, we've been busy. Here are some of the things we've been doing the past 14 days.

Helping my mom move. You can't really tell how teeny her old house was in this photo, but you can see how packed full boxes it was. Yep, our big fat family of five added to the chaos & confusion by staying there the night before the big move. Actually it went pretty well, considering.

Ayla and some of her friends after their holiday concert. I have a couple of videos also. I'll get to them later.

My hair after soaking in the hot tub during a snow storm!

I tried to do a photo shoot with the baby one Sunday. I wasn't too happy with the results, but thought this one was cute in a kind of goofy way. Not cute enough to send out to people though. Sigh..... I'm starting to think she'll be 2 before I ever get that accomplished!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Just Because She's Cute

I'm in love with this photo taken by Auntie Julie. I hope it made you smile!