Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Topsy Turvy

We are currently in the middle of a smallish remodeling project involving a couple of rooms in the house.
After Ayla's party on Sunday Craig moved the furniture out of the living room, tore up trim & carpet & started putting in a couple of layers of plywood. Tomorrow we are having hickory wood floors installed! The kids have loved the extra space to hula hoop the past few days.

Here's what our dining room looks like. It's sort of annoying to me have the house so torn up, but the kids think it's great fun to eat on the couch.

Our kitchen is a mess too. A couple of weeks ago we painted the walls & paneling in the entryway and kitchen. Before Craig started the wood floor prep he was working on sanding the cabinets. When that's done they will be painted as well. It's hard to see the colors in this photo, but I'll post more as we go along. Exciting stuff happening around here!

Birthday Weekend ~ Sunday

Sunday we had some of Craig's family and some good friends here for the day.

Ayla got 2 of the 3 hula hoops she requested.

This photo isn't the best quality, but I sorta love it anyway.

After we sang to her we started a new family tradition. Everyone present had to say something nice about Ayla before they got any cake. The most hilarious "compliment" came from an 11 year old boy. "I like your sparkling brown eyes that are the color of organic brown dirt"!

Look at the title of the book. Anyone who knows Ayla well should be laughing. If you tell her you love her she immediately says, "I love you more". Leave it to Auntie Julie to find the perfect gift!

Birthday Weekend ~ Friday/Saturday

Grandma, Auntie Tonia & Cousin Lexie were here when the kids got home from school Friday. They came for a couple of nights to help Ayla celebrate turning 8!

The kids were about to go play outside when a package arrived from Uncle Seth.

It was full of those cheese puff thingies, miniature candy bars & some money too. It's four days later & all the goodies are gone! (Except the money. I think she sorta forgot about that).

Gluten-free birthday brownies before bed.


She was so 80's this night I had to snap a photo. She's got leggings, jelly bracelets, a side pony & she was totally rocking that little musical toy. Remember the days of walking around with a boom box on your shoulder?! HA!