Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Starting To Fear Food

A quick overview of the past couple of weeks.

Had some blogging buddies over a few days after my bout with the flu.

Enjoyed a normal Thanksgiving with some good friends.
Then drove down to Iowa to help our relatives work on their new house.
Kaia decided she must get sick in the van 10 minutes from our destination.
We bought a new car seat for her if that tells you anything.

Daddy felt so sorry for his sick baby that he decided he should be sick too.
Here they are camped out on the relatives living room floor on Sunday morning.

The more the merrier right?
He actually ate a little supper, but I think he'll be home again tomorrow.
Four down, one to go.

Friday, November 5, 2010


The end of October passed in a blur as we had to say goodbye to Craig's grandma. She went to bed on a Saturday night and was never conscious again. Her nine living children were called home. We thought she would go as soon as the last one got there on Monday. She didn't. On Tuesday they brought her home to care for her during her final days. On Saturday afternoon she finally faded away.

It was sad and special & emotionally exhausting. And we were only there a fraction of most days. Not pulling any all night shifts. It was amazing to witness the love her children poured forth during that time. We will miss the special spunkiness of 93 year old great grandma. I hope everyone has someone like her in their lives at one point or another.

The Connelly side of the Schoeller family tree sang a hymn at the graveside service.

Kaia was sleeping during the burial, but she did get in on the practice session at the church. I'm so glad I snapped that photo. It perfectly captured the moment.

Time for a family photo.

We took lots, but somehow I just loved this one in the tree. It's the tree in great grandma's yard. One that many children have played in. It was just fitting that once everyone made it back to the house that the kids were climbing all over it in their funeral best.

Halloween 2010

I got to go to Micah's class party. I thought I should bring this cute frog with me.

I imagine that this photo might horrify some people. But, my kids only trick or treated for 30 minutes. They didn't get that much candy. I love to have it out of the house as soon as possible. If that means letting my two year old eat it for breakfast, than so be it.

FYI: Micah was a bow hunter & Ayla was a gypsy. I did take photos of them, but somehow they disappeared off my camera. I think the toddler hopped up on sugar had something to do with that.

Dress Up

Have you ever seen a harmonica playing fairy deer tiger?

Even Kids Like Yoga

Practicing yoga at home while Ayla is at her yoga class.