Saturday, November 28, 2009

Family Portrait Attempt Number 500 Or So

This one is OK, but we obviously weren't dressed for a family photo & you can tell how extremely tired I was on Thanksgiving day. We had spent Wednesday night at a friend's house and Miss Kaia decided to stage a sleep strike about 2 hours after we went to bed (quite late of course).

This is OK, but we were all laughing at the silliness of Uncle Walter & some of our smiles (OK, just mine) are a bit too big. Plus I don't really like Kaia's hand in her mouth.

Here is a sample of what all the rest were like. Basically the only good thing you can say is that we were all in the same place at the same time.

Moving on. We went to Duluth last weekend and spent a beautiful Saturday at the zoo. Here Ayla is about to totally freak out, because there is a llama right behind her. It's putting it mildly when I say she's not an animal lover.

Kaia however is completely unafraid of any animal. So there you go, a minor update. Please share your opinions about the quality of our family photos.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Awww, Aren't They So Sweet And Innocent?


Just kidding. Kinda. Consider this. Technically it is possible to have four children aged 3 and under if you throw one set of twins into the mix. *Shudder* Yesterday went fine, but there is no way I could handle this on a regular basis. Daycare moms and parents of multiples are saints in my eyes. Heck I'll say if you have four or more kids you're a saint. Three every day is most definitely my limit. It's good to know our limits, right?

Okay, I have the whole double chin thing going on here, but I decided to quit being so vain & post this photo anyway. I do love the moment it captured even if I do look every bit of my age! This I can handle. Relaxing with my girls after the twins went home.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Random Shots

We've been hit with some sort of flu bug. It has moved slowly from one child to the next. Ayla missed school on Thursday & Friday last week. Of course the weather happened to beautiful, but we were stuck inside. Monday was another lovely day so we went for a walk when the kiddos got home. Ayla kept telling me her tummy hurt, but I chose to ignore her as she is a quite dramatic child. Shortly after this photo was taken Ayla fell asleep on the couch. It was 4:30. She slept through all our normal chaos only getting up to go to bed. Hmmmm, guess she really wasn't feeling well.

Here's the kiddos on Halloween. Can you tell which kid was dealing with the flu in this photo? We didn't end up trick-or-treating which was fine by me. It was cold & who wants to deal with 3 kids & 3 bags of candy anyway?

Not a great photo, but I just love the fact that a nearly naked baby was involved in the process.

Too cute for words. This was at the Kindergarten parade.

Monday, November 2, 2009


I have photos of pumpkin carving, cookie decorating & cute kids dressed as a hockey player, princess & frog. But, I really don't feel like posting them for no other reason than it feels a bit redundant at this point in time.

So instead I'm going to make like a mommy blogger and brag about my baby. Really, I don't know if it's bragging or not. I'm just excited & feel like sharing. Kaia is finally starting to use baby signs. This morning when I got her out of bed the first thing she did was make the sign for eat. Just a few minutes ago I was in the kitchen thinking I'd unload the dishwasher & then put her to bed. Just as I was getting started Kaia crawled over to me, sat up & made the sign for milk!! Yesterday she would have crawled over to me & started crying. I'd have picked her up & figured out that she wanted to have milk & bed, but this was so much better. No crying & by making that sign I knew for sure what was going on inside that little brain. My baby is growing up!