Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Can't Get Fresher

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My garden has a lot more weeds than I'd like, but it IS bearing fruit. Here's what we picked today. Right afterwards Ayla said to Micah, "Let's go eat chocolate"

Monday, July 30, 2007

Love This Photo

I need an excuse to show off this adorable photo of Ayla, so I'll give you all an update. The kids spent Saturday night at Grandma Mary's while we were hosting a couples baby shower here. We were almost late to meeting Sunday morning & it's because our little alarm clocks were gone! In the afternoon we met Mary & the kids at a gospel meeting in the cities. I thought Ayla would be thrilled to see me, but she marched right past the empty seat next to me & sat next to Grandma! They are growing up too fast. At the dentist today I gave Micah a kiss before he went in for his filling. He let me kiss him, but I could tell he thought twice about it. Ayla marched off holding the hygienist's hand & never even looked back at me! I think growing up is harder on the mom than it is on the kids.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Grandpa Time

The kids were lucky enough to have time with both grandpas yesterday. After we got Grandpa Pat off to the airport Grandpa Mike came for the night. We went out for supper & the kids had huge pancakes. Ayla cracked us up by declaring that what she was eating tasted just like food!

Ayla must have enjoyed her pancakes that "taste just like food" since they're almost all gone.

Ayla with Grandpa Mike
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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Family Resemblence

In case anyone was wondering, Ayla looks like Craig's side of the family. When she was a teeny baby, I can remember holding her & wondering where on earth she came from. It didn't seem possible that she came from me at all. Here are some photos that show how much she looks like Grandma Mary's side.

Here's Ayla with Rosie. Rosie is the daughter of Craig's cousin Shawn.

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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Best of Summer

I know summer is far from over, but I can see the end in sight. Maybe it's because we're booked solid from now until Micah starts school. School. I still can't believe that's our new reality. Anyway, we plan to love every minute of the rest of our summer. Here are some of our favorite photos so far.

Skipping rocks on Lake Superior

Over-dosing on candy during our small town parade

After playing the carnival games - I think "pinky" only cost $10

Riding the rides

Hanging out with Aurora

Swimming at Uncle Seth's

Fishing with Auntie Julie

They are always on upside down

Celebrating nine years

Getting the soil ready for planting

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

So that's what he meant by steam!

I was working in the garden during nap time today. Micah came out after a while & told me the bread machine was "steaming". I assured him that all was well, our bread was just baking & would be done soon. How wrong I was. A bit later I walked into a smoke filled house & the stench of scorched dough. Quite different than the expected scent of fresh baked blueberry oatmeal bread. So much for our yummy afternoon snack......sigh......so much for the bread machine!!
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Monday, July 16, 2007

Van time = Question time

Micah: Mom, are there as many trees as people?

Me: I'm not sure.

Micah: Mom, back when Pa & Ma rode on trains what were the trains pulling?

Me: Ummm, I can't remember.

Micah: Mom, I forgot, how many days did it take for God to create the earth?

Me: (Finally, a question I can answer) Six days of work & one day of rest.

Micah: Mom, why didn't God rest as long as he worked?

Me: Once again, I'm not sure.

These questions were fired at me one after the other so fast it made my head spin. Micah starts Kindergarten next month. I'm anticipating some quieter van rides in the near future, although I'm sure they'll be much less interesting.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

My garden helper

Fresh green beans for supper tonight.

Worn out from all that hard work.

Monday, July 9, 2007

We had rain & high winds yesterday afternoon. Apparently it made Micah a bit nervous, because he had lots of questions about tornadoes at bedtime. After a while Craig just said that there was a lot he didn't understand about tornadoes & that he couldn't answer all of Micah's questions. Micah responded with this gem. "I don't understand tornadoes either......I wonder if Spanish people do?"

Sunday, July 8, 2007

After 6 nights & 7 days in Iowa it's good to be home. It was wonderful to see everyone, but it's also wonderful to be back on our normal schedule. I think the kids would beg to differ. Ayla didn't want to return to our "naughty" house. I'm sure it seems naughty with boring old mom & dad & no grandmas, grandpas & uncles to spoil them rotten! Micah made the most of his time gobbling up goodies because, "Mommy doesn't let us have much sweets at home"! Here's some photos of us enjoying those summer days & nights.