Sunday, July 22, 2007

Family Resemblence

In case anyone was wondering, Ayla looks like Craig's side of the family. When she was a teeny baby, I can remember holding her & wondering where on earth she came from. It didn't seem possible that she came from me at all. Here are some photos that show how much she looks like Grandma Mary's side.

Here's Ayla with Rosie. Rosie is the daughter of Craig's cousin Shawn.

Two peas in a pod!Posted by Picasa


Ina said...

Oh my word! She totally does in that first picture. Not so sure about the second one - that remains to be seen. I mean, she needs to grow up first. ;) SO glad you have this blog so we can stay up to date on your happenings.

Mindy, Craig, Micah & Ayla said...

Yes, you're right. Ayla's cousin Serena looked like Mary at first too, but not so much anymore.

Justin, Sara and Simon said...

Very true, she does resemble the Connelly's....however, when we saw you guys, she reminded me more of you than last time...her hair is getting darker. :)

Neisha said...

i'm scanning your older posts for the playdoh recipe (I think you had on your blog) and just wanted to say...cute picture of Ayla and grandma