Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Late Fall

I had a birthday and turned......not 40 yet!  I was surprised to receive 2 Cafe Latte cheesecakes and a few visitors throughout the day and evening.

We took a hockey player, Alice from Wonderland and a cute little lady bug out begging for candy.

Our nephew Chad made it to state in cross country and ran in spite of his injured leg.  We were glad to cheer him on, but hated to see him in pain!

All the Connelly kids minus Serena who was at show choir practice.  Aren't they all beautiful?!

We spent two nights with Shari that weekend to help her celebrate turning 50 and I took ZERO photos of her or the wonderful folks we stayed with!  It was a great weekend and I guess I was enjoying myself too much to take photos of it!


Gary said...

I so wanted to have a surprise potluck for you but it ended up we were gone the Sunday after and Marjan decided not to as too much was happening right then. Aw well, jus' gotta wait till nest year! :)

Mindy said...

and i never even wished you a happy 60th a couple of days ago, gary!! i think we should have had a surprise party for you.