Monday, January 13, 2014


The Des Moines Connellys were gracious enough to host us again this year for turkey day.

We enjoyed music performances.

And dance performances.

It was so exciting!

The best was the all ages hula hoop contest!  Everyone gave it a go.  

Not pictured was shopping, eating, a hunger games 2 outing, some more shopping, Disney on ice, and plenty more eating.  Oh and how could I forget two dutch blitz games going at once?  My hearing will never be the same....


Gary said...

Hula hoops? Didn't realize they were still made. It does seem like our kids had a couple. I remember making our own as a kid. I didn't know Micah played the violin.

Anita said...

Love the pic of Kaia and that little fellow!!
Simultaneous Dutch Blitz games sounds like a blast....or system overload!

Ethel said...

Fun!! Keep the updates coming !!