Sunday, February 27, 2011

Up North

We visited Uncle Walter and Auntie Julie at the beginning of February. The kids were so excited to go ice-fishing for the first time.

She had no idea what was happening, but it had to be fun right?

This is about as exciting as it got. Sit. Eat. Sit some more. Get up & check another hole. Sit. Eat. Move to a different spot. Eat. Loudly whine about how boring ice-fishing is.

We didn't get a single bite, but it was fun to be outside on the middle of a lake in the middle of winter.

It certainly didn't bother this one. As long as she can talk she's happy!


Neisha said...

I've never been ice fishing, but I can't think if very many things that I would rather NOT do! Glad your family had fun.

Gary said...

ooppp! I guess Neisha used my computer. The previous comment was mine. :)