Monday, February 4, 2008

Snow Advisory

There is the distinct possiblility that we'll have 6 inches of fresh snow by tomorrow morning!


ethel said...

i'm green with envy..our snow is melting faster than you can say stupendous...anyway..good picture. i love the orange shovel!!

Chris & Kait said...

I love that picture! It makes me miss all that snow! We just have brown grass down hear in Oklahoma- it's not so pretty to look at. I guess I shouldn't complain since its 74 degrees today. FYI it is not the norm for it to be that warm. Usually it's really windy & 35. By the way I love your porch!

Todd said...

This almost looks like that popular effect where an image is desaturated (colors removed) except for a small area. Even better when it's captured in-camera! Wish we were there to be snowed in with you. Looking forward to this weekend. (Well, mostly. You know what I mean.)