Friday, February 15, 2008

A Minute In The Life

From our sick household to yours.

From laughing

To crying

To screaming

Oh, and it's 2 below zero today so don't ask me why the Queen Bee likes to run around with next to nothing on.

On a lighter note, aren't these the best shoes ever? They are an early birthday present from me to her. OK, it's back to bed I go. Writing this post took up a surprising amount of energy.


Shannon said...

awesome shoes!!!!! i used to have a pair of platform fuzzy leopard sandals! and a pair of fuzzy knee high high heeled boots! i love leopard =) she's one stylin' tot!

Jenny said...

We missed you at the brunch today. Sorry your day isn't going so good...get better soon!

ethel said...

i feel your pain..i have a sick picture of tea to post ..only don't have it transferred yet..she's actually stopped running around( which means she's really sick) get well SOON!!

Chris & Kait said...

Hope you all start feeling better soon!I love the adorable shoes though! ;)

Lani said...

Very cute shoes.

And the evolution of emotion as captured on camera? Priceless.

Take care of yourself and get better soon, Momma!

Neisha said...

love the pics of Ayla. My kids love to run around in their undies too. I figure might as well let them, so day it won't be acceptable.

thisbpat said...

Told her thur, night at meeting I liked her shoes & she rumpped at me, (or some such sound)and I told her I see she was acting like daddy.