Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Little Bit

Our Miss Kaia is loving 4K.  One of her projects was to live with Knufflebunny for a week, write a story about it and share some photographic evidence.

At our house he played with pollys;

Helped clean the kids' bathroom;

And had supper with us at Axel's  Bonfire Grill.  This turned out to be quite the adventure as poor KB got left behind!!!  Good thing Daddy drives to the cities every day!

Kaia had her first field trip to a pumpkin farm.  Here she is on her first bus ride.

Cutest jailbird ever!


Brenda said...

I absolutely LOVE her dark eyes!!

Anita said...

I was noticing her eyes, too! She's a gorgeous little thing! And getting rather big!! I remember a post you did a long time ago, not long after she was born- something about your favorite thing to do lately. :) Time flies!!!