Saturday, January 10, 2009

Photo Of The Week

The Fat Baby

This is the best stage. Of course I say that about every stage. I really do enjoy this age though. When they smile and laugh & coo. When you walk by & they laugh or make a loud noise just so you will notice them. When they wave their chubby little arms & kick their feet like crazy just trying to get some sounds out. When they are fascinated by their own hands. When you have to lift up the little rolls of fat to get them clean. When you can't hold them without kissing and squeezing & talking in a really goofy voice.

Some of you out in blog-land are wanting to post every day this year. I was wanting to take a photo every day, but I kinda messed that up already. So, I'm thinking I will try to post a favorite photo once a week instead. A photo that tells a story about what has been happening that week. This week has been kinda lazy & hazy. A week of lying around & loving on the baby. And just so you know she likes it when we squeeze her lips together. She always has huge smiles afterward. I tried to capture that moment, but it didn't work this time. Maybe next week.
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Neisha said...

yeah, here it looks like she's scared.

ethel said...

looking forward to the weekly reader! love her little cheeks!

Gary said...

I finally got to hold 'Miss Chubby Cheeks' on Sunday for the first time in a couple months. She smiled when I talked to her. Sure is a cutie, but then aren't they all at this age?