Friday, October 14, 2011

Mama's Little Helper

We get so much work done around here.

Don't you wish you had one of these to "help" you pack! Daddy just can't understand why the house looks so bad when we stay home all day working! Any ideas to help me enlighten him? Feel free to share.


Dewey and Adina said...

I read once of a man who came home from work to find the children running around filthy (and maybe not clothed?), the house a disaster, no dinner ready or in the process, no laundry done, toys everywhere and everything in complete upheaval. He hunted for his wife and found her on the bed reading and eating chocolates. "Um, honey, what happened? Are you okay?" "Sure, I'm fine. You know how you ask me every day what I did all day? Today I didn't do it."

I guess you could show him what you do all day by NOT doing it for a couple of days so he could see the difference. :)

Jessie K said...

Not doing it would be kinda funny... to us anyway! Or you could tell him you're taking the day off one Saturday (or whatever day he has off), the entire day, and leave at the time he leaves for work and come back when he comes back from work. Do whatever, shop, read a book, browse, spa day (awesome!). Also, be sure to leave him a detailed itinerary of what you do all day long that he needs to accomplish while you're gone! :D

This is kinda funny to me cuz I luckily have a husband who (kinda) understands why things don't get done. He has random days off that aren't always Saturday and I tell him I need to grocery shop, get out of the house, something and am leaving the kids with him. I'm usually only gone a couple hours because I know there are things he wants to get done on his rare days off. It's enough, though, that he understands just exactly why the clothes aren't always folded right out of the dryer and might sit on the couch a few days (weeks!). Of course he doesn't exactly appreciate his tools growing a couple of legs and walking off on him! Welcome to my world!

Anita said...

I'm at Cal and Laurie's for supper and was holding Lindsay's Madi and looking at fun stuff... she giggled and giggled when she saw this post on my google reader! She'd been in Grandma's laundry basket just a little before and could totally relate! ;)