Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Planes, Babies & Automobiles

Yesterday I woke up in a guest bed in Iowa & went to sleep in a guest bed in Nevada. In between times I rode in a van to Minnesota. Sat in an airplane for one hour waiting to be de-iced. Spent an hour in Utah trying to find my connecting flight that had changed airlines & flight numbers & somehow completely disappeared from the computer system. Sat on that runway for an hour waiting to be de-iced. Arrived in Nevada. Drove to California just so I could say I'd been in five states in one day. Drove back to Nevada & crashed in Michelle's baby room. Now it's time for me to do what I came to do. Which is whatever I can to make Michelle feel ready for the baby that will soon be arriving.


renomickie said...

Mindy is being a huge help!!! With every load of tiny pre-washed laundry, my overwhelmed self is slowly turning into a self that is more ready to welcome the baby home...the baby room is better organized...i'm getting last minute advice from my bff... etc., etc. I'm so lucky! :-) -Michelle

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