Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Confession Time

When I'm on the phone my kids can get away with murder. They will invariably ferret out any junk food in the house. They could come to me asking to eat an entire bag of marshmallows & I will nod my head & wave them away. I'm feeling a bit guilty. Does anyone else have a confession that will make me feel better?


Brian, Erin, Connor & Ty said...

Don't feel guilty, at our house the only thing that's different is that he asks for a bag of chocolate chips : )

Mindy said...

Yes, but do you give it to him?

My name is Shannon said...

Okay, today I was at my wits end at the laundromat (see my blog) and let Nolan eat:

a handful of Mike n Ikes
Wendy's cheeseburger
french fries
high fructose corn syrup flavored like chocolate milk

Talk about guilt....I'm right there with you.

Oh, and sometimes I completely ignore my kids to catch up on blog-reading. Sometimes=frequently.

Feel better yet?

Todd said...

Ina let me eat frozen mac & cheese and frozen cheese cake from Trader Joe's tonight. Does that help? (I'm the only kid in this apartment.) ;)

Mindy said...

Shame on Ina - what was she thinking?! Or maybe she was thinking of it as a special birthday treat for you.

Ina said...

Major nod on Todd's last statement. As for the frozen goodies from TJ's, this week seems to be Guilt Food week. That cheesecake was super good, though.

Justin and Sara said...

When we have bad/busy days, all we do is eat junk and spend money...both of us...and we've had a lot of rough days since we decided to move. Baby still gets good nutrition though as he's sucking breastmilk...I'm sure I have no nutrients left. Your confessions made me smile! :)

Kara said...

Are you kidding? Phone time is always, "What can we get away with time?" for my kids. Also, once I was on the phone, and Max who had just turned one at the time had crawled away. I noticed and figured there wasn't anything harmful he could get into I'd check on him in a min. No more did I think that and I hear Thump! Wahh! I rush over to see that he'd fallen off a step!(I didn't think he'd get ont the steps!) And was trying to eat one of my earrings,(I thought was safely out of reach) because I guess he thought the first one he ate was so yummy! So a little junk food never hurt anyone, (turns out neither did an earring.).