Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A Doozy of a Storm

Last night started like any other night. We put the kids to bed & played a game of cards. After the game was over I was brushing my teeth when Craig came running in & told me to look at how hard the wind was blowing. It looked like a hurricane. We heard a crash & ran to the dining room window to find that the trellis on our porch had fallen down. Next we watched our grill get picked up & thrown onto the porch. We stood there staring at the grill until the windows started to rattle & shake so hard we were afraid they were about to blow in. Without one word we both ran upstairs to get the kids. We spent the next half an hour sitting in our teeny-tiny downstairs bathroom with candles & flashlights since we had lost power. After that it pretty much blew over although the light show lasted for quite a while & our power didn't come on until 5 am. There is damage to both of our sheds & we sprung a leak in the kitchen, so now we're just waiting to hear from the insurance company. In the words of Micah, "It was a very naughty storm!"

I had just taken this photo of my favorite spot to read & drink my morning coffee.

Here's my favorite spot now!

Things were thrown onto & off of the porch.

Maybe we can get a new grill now!

At least our house doesn't look like this. This is only one mile from our place!


Todd said...

Poor porch! I'm glad it wasn't worse for you guys... it would put a bit of a damper on our weekend plans if your house blew away. Maybe you'll get the porch of your dreams out of the deal.

Mindy, Craig, Micah & Ayla said...

Well, I'm sure we'll get something - our little garage is blown off it's foundation. I'm surprised it didn't fall down!

Matt said...

wow, it didn't even rain up here!! too bad about the damage. well, tomorrow we'll officially be 'Sconnies' just like you :)

Mindy, Craig, Micah & Ayla said...

Welcome to Wisconsin!!!

My name is Shannon said...

wow!! that's crazy! we had water in our basement and a twig or two down...nothing like that.

Justin, Sara and Simon said...

I'm so glad you are okay!!!